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Supporting Rural Families in Need


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What is the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation?

The foundation was established in 2015 as a reach-out support service for rural families or children in need.

“Michael was a larger than life, gregarious person who had empathy for people,” The MMWIF Board of Directors said.

“During his lifetime in the wool industry he always went out of his way to mentor and help young people in the trade.”

“We really want to make a big impact raising funds for the rural community,” they said.

People on the land can find it tough at times – they’re at the mercy of the gods and sometimes children suffer because of it.

This foundation is here to support rural families in need due to the likes of illness or accidents.



Michael Manion passed away on Sunday 27 July 2014, after a short battle with cancer. He was 61.

Michael was the founding member and managing director of Segard Masurel (Australia) Pty Ltd in Melbourne since October 1999 and successfully developed the business with his close team.

He initiated the takeover of the private treaty merchant Grampian Wools in 2009 and continued with plans to grow and nurture Segard Masurel Australia.

He started his career as a junior wool buyer with Mitsui then gained further experience with Laycock before joining Elders International Wool Division, later becoming Conagra Wool.

He was well respected and loved within the company and the wool trade fraternity.

He was well known for his outstandingly good natured character and wool expertise. His passion for the industry he worked in and the people he worked with was as big as his heart.

He is sadly missed by his daughter Emma, his son Tom, their mother Sue, his friends, the wool industry and all at Segard Masurel.



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