Monday 4th April

Opening Session

Kevin Xing & Jeremy Song

Market Intelligence

Georgia Twomey - World Agriculture Outlook - Rabobank

Chris Wilcox - Wool Market in the balance, Global Wool Prices, Supply & Demand

Bruna Angel - Demand for Fibres: Adjusting to different priorities - its not just about volume - PCI Wood Mackenzie

Wool Innovation

Dr Kerry Hansford - e-Bale:  The Potential Radio Frequency Identification of Wool Bales - AWEX

Qu Jiande - The Industrial application of continuous processing techniques of biological chloride-free wool anti-shrinkage treatment - Changshu Xinguang Wooltop Specialist Processor Co.

Jeremy Wear - Wool Meterology

Sustainable Practices

Beverley Henry - John & Robyn Ive Biodiversity Case Study - Talaheni

Kjersti Kviseth - Recycling - An Advantage for Wool in LCA and in a circular Economy - 2025design Norway

Beverley Henry - Life Cycle Assessment of Wool - Wool LCA Technical Advisory Group

Dr Paul Swan - Progress Report on Wool Sustainability Research & Advocacy - AWI

Contracts & Specifications

Jim_Marler_Report_Interwoollabs_RMG02.pdf (2.49 MB)

Jim_Marler_-_Interwoollabs_Report_Almeter_2016.pdf (2.81 MB)

Zhu_Jiankun_presentation__eng_.pdf (3.7 MB)

Bob_Couchman_Sydney_Presentation.pdf (769.58 KB)

David_Crowe_ILRT_Report_to_Sydney_2016_dwc_RMG01.pdf (551.27 KB)

Phil_Cranswick_IWTO_Sydney.pdf (637.5 KB)

Duane_Knowles_-_Sydney_IWTO_Paper.pdf (741.03 KB)

Steve_Ranford_IWTO_Sydney_16.pdf (1.17 MB)

David_Crowe_ILRT_Report_to_Sydney_2016_dwc.pdf (751.4 KB)

Jim_Marler_Report_Interwoollabs.pdf (2.21 MB)

Henry_Wang_-_WCM_Yarn_Test-Sydney_April2016__002_.pdf (1.6 MB)

Cecilia_Quinoiu_-_PG02_IWTO_presentation_WCM_2016_final.pdf (447.34 KB)



Tuesday 5th April

Education Extension

David_Hunter.pdf (3.34 MB)

Enrico_Prina._Master_MTE.pdf (1.1 MB)

Wool Grower Technology

Ben_Watts_-_IWTO_presentation.pdf (1.64 MB)

Marcus_Majass_-IWTO-presentation.pdf (932.96 KB)

Economic Sustrainability

Will_Roberts_-_IWTO_speech_2016.pdf (1.77 MB)

Craig_Vanderoef_-_Growing_the_Next_Generation_of_Wool_in_Sports_Performance.pdf (4.96 MB)




Wednesday 6th April

Stratigic Marketing Insight

Dr_Paul_Swan_.pdf (1.88 MB)

Wool Retail Forum

Paolo_Zegna_-_Emergildo_Zegna_final_version.pdf (2.55 MB)

Phil_Dickinson_IWTO_Sydney_april_2016.pdf (16.61 MB)